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Fabric That Looks As Good As It Feels. Designs That Never Go Out of Style. The Fit That Looks Like It Is Tailored Just For The Wearer. 

A1WC ( is not just another clothing label selling specific type of clothings. We began with a purpose to empower retailers with the power of choice. We're not a direct to customer label. Our collection can be purchased through our retailers and boutiques only all across Australia and New Zealand.

A1WC is different from many clothing labels that solely cater to a specific group of customers, leaving retailers in the position of having to stock numerous brands or risk of having empty shelves. As a retailer-friendly womens clothing wholesalers australia, A1WC believes in the value of having a broad mix of garments in collection, ensuring that all customers are catered to regardless of their preferences, body type, trend and seasons. 

We offer a wide range of collections that embody togetherness and inclusivity. Our collections are created with the input of both retailers and customers who want high-quality fashion options that are both affordable and aesthetically appealing. Our exclusive small batch clothing manufacturer partner factory, based in India, manufactures our clothing range. By shipping directly from the factory to retail stores, we're able to keep costs low while maintaining high standards of quality.

Our collections are designed to appeal to everyone, with choices ranging from plain solid colors to vivid, bold prints. At A1WC, we understand that customers have their own unique tastes and preferences, which is why we aim to provide a range of options that will meet their needs. Our clothing caters to petite and plus-sized individuals alike, offering a wide range of sizes that are both comfortable and stylish. 

Over the years, we have successfully built the necessary infrastructure and ecosystem to support ethical business practices. We humbly cherish each and every person that touches our product in the process, as without them it would not be possible to be A1WC.

At A1WC, our priority is to create a positive impact by producing affordable and sustainable fashion. Our production process focuses on minimizing waste and utilizing eco-friendly materials that are both comfortable and durable. By adopting a sustainable approach, we hope to inspire others in the fashion industry to follow suit, making our industry more conscious of its impact on the planet. 

Due to our commitment towards sustainability practices, we produce on pre-order basis only because that prevent waste. A1WC remains committed to seeking more and more sustainable ways to work and grow.

A1WC is a proud womens clothing wholesalers australia that prioritizes inclusivity, sustainability, and affordability. With a wide range of clothing options suitable for various sizes and tastes, we aim to offer something for everyone while ensuring that retailers always have a good mix of products in stock. Our commitment to togetherness and sustainability demonstrates our vision to empower and inspire individuals to express themselves through fashion while minimizing our impact on the planet.

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